【English】[14/11, T7] Information about Kids Dance Performance in Hoan Kiem Lake

Xin Chao!!

The effects of the coronavirus have now been mitigated in Hanoi. And last month, the public passages on Hoan Kiem Lake on the weekend were opened.
So A-LIFE Dance School wants to perform on the streets of Hoan Kiem Lake on the weekends!

Hoan Kiem Performance last year(2019)

We always take lessons only in the studio, but this time outside! And we perform while many Vietnamese dancers and children are watching. I think it will be a good stimulus for children in a different atmosphere.

Many viewer on the street!!

Why don’t you join us at this opportunity? ??


◉ Date
Saturday, November 14th 19: 00 ~
◉ Place
Hoan Kiem Lake near Ly Thai To Park
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◉ Performance recruitment class
・ Training class
・ Beginner class
・ Challenge class
・ Advanced class
・ A-LIFE Crew

◉ Clothes for performance
Wearing A-LIFE black T-shirt
* A-LIFE Crew wears an original T-shirt.

This is A-LIFE Black Tshirts

If you do not have an A-LIFE black T-shirt, you can purchase one.
400,000VND / 1 sheet
Size: 120 ~ XL

◉ Performance content
We do the dance choreography that we usually do in our lessons.

* We will not hold a joint class that collects multiple classes.
* The position of the performance will be specified in the lesson.

◉ Participation fee

◉ How to register
Please fill out the form below and send it.

◉ Registration deadline
Until Sunday, October 25, 17:00

* Due to the order of A-LIFE black T-shirt, the deadline is shortened. Please note.


That’s it.
If you have any questions or concerns about performance, please feel free to contact us!




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