【Vietnam・Hanoi】New Kids Dance Class in Ciputra, Hanoi after Tet Holiday(°▽°)

It’s been 4 years since I came to Hanoi, Vietnam !! I run A-LIFE Dance School, a dance school for many children such as Japanese and Vietnamese. 🇯🇵🇻🇳 And I’m NEMOTO, a dancer who loves anime( ^ω^ ), hosting dance events in Hanoi🕺, studying the history of hobbies📗!!!


【A-LIFE Dance School will open new KIDS DANCE CLASS in Ciputra, Hanoi!!!】

This new kids dance class is open to kids who have never danced!!!
If you are interested please read the details below( ^ω^ )


◉Lesson Time
Every Friday
17:00 – 18:00 Beginner Class (Lv.2)
18:10 – 19:10 Challenge Class (Lv.3)
19:20 – 20:20 Advance Class (Lv.4)

※New students can only attend the Beginner Class
※Start after Tet Holiday (19/2, Friday)


Tower L4, Ciputra

◉Participant information

・Children 5-12 years old
・Children of all nationalities can participate
※The languages ​​at the time of the lesson are English, Japanese and Vietnamese.

◉How to register for a lesson
The classes on February 19th and 26th will be a trial period.
If you participate, you will have a price of 200,000 vnd / lesson

Please fill out this form if you are attending a lesson.
Click Here

◉Lesson notes
1, Do not get inside with dirty shoes. Be sure to bring exercise shoes.

2, Children with a lot of obstruction, violence and abuse in the lesson are not allowed to participate in the lesson.

3, If you are late for a lesson or can’t attend suddenly, please be sure to contact me.


I’m looking forward meet you and kids in Ciputra Lesson(*´꒳`*)



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